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Capture equipment, cameras and video production tools

Your videographer uses the material needed to capture your video event. It has at its disposal several cameras and specific tools to stabilize or energize the scenes. The choice of equipment will result from an adaptation to your needs and the result you hope.
Caméras : Panasonic HC-X1000, Canon EOS 800D, SJcaM SJ7 Star
Stabilizers : Feiyu AK2000, Feiyu G5, trépied Vanguard, monopode Manfrotto, rail dolly slider
Panasonic HC-X1000Canon EOS 800DSJcam SJ7 Star
Tascam DR40Feiyu AK2000Feiyu G5
Vanguard Alta Pro 263 APRail dolly XactiManfrotto
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