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Videographer, filmmaker, cameraman and editor in Bordeaux

Video, teaser, trailer, corporate and institutional film or audio-visual capture, your project can be delivered on the media of your choice : USB key, CD, DVD, social networks. Whether to record a show, to communicate in business or in private there are many opportunities to choose the production of a movie.

Caption of show, concert, exhibition, opening, anniversary, wedding

Are you a dance association, a school group, a troupe, a singer, a musician, a musical group or do you manage a concert hall ? We can capture any performance and burn your DVD for selling.

Sport capture: individual or collective sport, competition, tournament

Whether you are a team, a duo, a solo, a competition, a demonstration or a coaching team, we cover your sporting event according to the angle of your choice: followed by a particular athlete or the overall recording of the event.

Family event : wedding, birthday, party

The family video covers a very wide range of life segments. Main demand : the wedding video. We can follow you throughout your day, from the preparations to the opening of the ball, to the ceremonies (secular or religious) and the wine of honour.

Other events : exhibition, opening, colloquium, meeting

Do you want us to film an event you are organizing or participating in? Our team is very reactive. Whatever your project, do not hesitate to contact us to talk about it. In the emergency prefer contact by phone.
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