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Vídeo asociativo : deportes, conciertos, espectáculos

Si desea transmitir, distribuir o conservar a título personal un evento en el que participe o que organice, nos ocuparemos de la parte de vídeo y de la cadena de grabación en el marco de una posible venta de sus DVD.
concerts and shows

concerts and shows

Are you an artist, a group, a school or an association and you want to film your performance in public ?
I capture your show continuously with a 4k camera and an external stereo digital audio recorder. I support the process of making your DVDs (SACEM declaration, jacket, Master DVD, editing DVDs). This service is reserved for small performances requiring the presence of one or two cameras and a cameraman.
Sport & compétition

Sport & compétition

Are you going to participate in a sporting event or would you like to keep a memory of the event ?
For individual performances or for low-budget clubs, I travel to register the sporting competition in which you will participate. Keep track of your participation or use the video as part of an archiving or improvement of the performance of your club or association.
Carnival of the end of year

Carnival of the end of year

The end of the school year is near and your school is organizing its fair ?
The dance of children, the games, the festive atmosphere of the last day of the year, the smiles of the students, the smiling slice of life, the fair is a special moment in school life. Do not hesitate to contact us if you plan to offer a souvenir video to all parents who will be delighted with the initiative.
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